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About Broadway Construction

Located in Milwaukee, WI, Broadway Construction, LLC was founded in 2017 as a Construction Manager specializing in commercial construction renovations and remodels. We bring positive energy to every project ensuring it is completed on time, on budget, and stress free . Our team of professionals has successfully completed projects throughout Wisconsin.  
Our Story

Nikki Platt, Owner/Sole Member of Broadway Construction, brings her background of business ownership and musical theater to the Construction Management world. There are so many similarities to the procedure of producing a musical and managing a construction project. A musical begins as a script on paper and notes on a page just as a project begins as blueprints and specs. Next, a cast and staff must be hired to cover each specialty, just as each sub is hired to perform their work on the job. Finally, a live musical masterpiece comes to life as does a building or finished product after everyone’s work is complete. The parallels of the musical theater and construction world have helped bring Broadway Construction to its success today. Nikki was fortunate to learn the ropes of the construction industry through her hands on experience in the family business Platt Construction. She worked her way up from the Receptionist to the Executive Vice President of Administration and touched each department in the organization.

Our Team

Each member of our staff brings a unique background of knowledge and expertise, allowing Broadway to perform as an expert in areas including concrete, ceramic tile, safety training, safety consulting, commercial and residential renovations, and much more. Our friendly and positive energy will help to ease the stress of construction. We will use our creativity to find an alternate way. We will proudly take charge of the outcome. We hope you find the trust in our passion for the process to allow us to manage your next project, no matter how small. 

Recent Projects


MMSD South Shore WRF Tunnel Concrete

Milwaukee County Transport Services Fire Hydrant Repair

Fort McCoy Repair HVAC & Roof Building 1564



Fort McCoy Repair HVAC & Boiler Building 110

Fort McCoy Repair Site 079 to 80 Ton Capacity

Veolia Concrete Repairs

Current Projects

MPS Fieldhouse Renovations - Clovernook, Custer, Franklin Square

Fort McCoy Upgrade Power at Building 10007

Fort McCoy Renovations of Buildings 2657, 2659

Fort McCoy Construction 4 Stream Crossings

Milwaukee Tool Red Beacon - Replace Parking Garage Doors

Jones Island WRF Field Staff Office Improvements

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